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We admire those who seek peace, those who can help us find peace, those seeking peace on the planet. We want to assume the best of others. We want to be at peace with them. We really don't like war and we really don't like the dissing that national politics has begun. Why can't people act like ladies and gentlemen. Why is it that one of the wealthiest counties in America (Palm Beach County) has thousands of homeless people (of whom 40% are children) and we have only 12 emergency beds for them. Why is there only one place in Palm Beach County where a homeless family can go anytime it needs to to find immediate safety, shelter and some level of comfort (Westgate Tabernacle Church). And why are we building up fines and penalties against Westgate and trying as best we can to prevent it from offering safety and shelter to homeless people when we are doing so little to help homeless people ourselves. Why are we so asleep to this urgent need. Click here for YouTube video of the CNN broadcast on Westgate Tabernacle Church.
Most of us want peace and some of us wish those who are stirring up confrontation would be patient. But, change always involves stress, and sometimes, like now, maybe lots of stress. Some of us are wondering what we can do to make this confrontation be constructive, and we're thinking that if we can make it constructive we might have a better chance of making progress. Below are some weblinks we've discovered that might help us figure this out.
The best results from Googling were on the subject of "community organizing". "Constructive confrontation" tended to be about how to supervise people who work for you.

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