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Different Drummers

The Rules of LifeSoar Like an Eagle
Bill Laney said that you'll probably be ok if you go down a path that follows life's rules.
  • Develop a trade, hone your skills, get known, get paid.
  • Save, invest prudently, protect your nest egg.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Spend time with people who will help you stay on your path.
  • Find institutions to align youself with for resources and contacts.
  • Indulge yourself now and then, but not recklessly, (know your vulnerabilities).
  • Develop good habits, instincts, compulsions, (know your vulnerabilities).
  • Perhaps we can articulate this from Joseph Campbell and Matthew Fox.
    These ideas sound good, but they do need to deal with our darkness.... And inevitably there will be challenges and opportunities that might not seem to fit our chosen path. This website tells the "story" of a few people who find themselves on a path less travelled. At present they are: William Laney , Kelly Hicks , Stanley Klopfenstine , Yigal Dan Kahana , Giuseppe , Pamela G. Dennis and n'Detenga n'Gurumo
    Quotes we like (this will be a compiled/ranked list of favorite sources to which we'll each contribute.) Books we recommend (this will be a compiled/ranked list of favorite books identified by us). Questions: this could be a list of questions we'd love to find answers to.
    1. This business of war, domination and aggression. Did we choose it as we shaped our institutions in the past 2000 years ? Are we recreating it ?
    2. Is the trend in our nature flat or hopeful ? Clearly financial reform and health care reform are not working; they preserve priviledge for the priveledged and fail to do the job for those in need.
    Writers we routinely read: (David Brooks, Nicholas Kristoff & Paul Krugman for Giuseppe)

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