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On NPR (8/2/09, show #732) I heard Dr. Tracy Gaudet from Duke University talk about her view of “integrated health care”. I’ve been tugged by alternative medicine ideas, tugged most by the idea that medicine should be more preventive and less reactive. But Dr. Gaudet talked about our well-being in terms of many modalities of which medicine is not the most important. Her specific words were “medicine is not the dominant system”. She described a career path that should become important called “integrative health care coach”. Many subjects we view as lifestyle choices would get focus by such a coach, certainly exercise and daily habits, but I’d want to add “attitude”. I’m thinking about “what can we do to encourage and reinforce our own discovery in this arena”. Dr. Gaudet said that the one word she likes to describe her view is "mindfulness". I'm doing some exploring and finding these pages:

In working more with this the following topics seem useful:

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