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Who We Are

This is a document we can develop together as a set of statements that define & guide us. For the moment, "we" is NSPPBC ( Please read "About Us" at Statements below are meant to clarify and expand on "About Us". Any member of our group can add to or change this page; this is not an official statement of our group until our group "accepts" it.

  1. We think globally and we act locally (in & near Palm Beach County).
  2. We care about the spiritual life of each member of our group, and
  3. We know that our spiritual life cannot be separated from matters of social justice around us.
  4. We will choose a few signature "missions" where we will try to make a difference.
  5. One of our missions will be to support the "Global Marshall Plan". Paula Winker is proposed as our chairperson for this.
  6. Another mission will be to support Westgate Tabernacle Church in its effort to improve the possibilities for homeless people and families in PBC. Barry Silver will be our chairperson for this.
  7. We want to maintain an open posture, welcoming new people and allowing anyone to drift in (and out) as they wish.
  8. We intend to grow and be of use in making PBC and the planet a better place.
  9. We will encourage members to share their journey. Carl offers his at: meditation.htm

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