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Facebook is, by far, the most popular social media vehicle with 500 million pages. Activity on Facebook has been greatly accelerated by the introduction of Group pages and Fan Pages. Group pages are especially good for mobilizing activity for a specific group of people including for viral marketing where people are e-mailing each other lots. Group pages are not "indexed" by Google since seeing them requires "membership" in the group. Fan pages are especially good for achieving broad reach on a popular subject. Fan pages are "indexed" by Google because they are open and do not require one to "join" them. The 30 most popular Facebook pages in January, 2010 had an average of 3.3 million fans. Within one year growth was fivefold as the 30 most popular pages in January, 2011 had an average of 17.5 million fans. USMS launched it's Facebook group page 2 years ago and it now has 2000 members. USMS launched it's Facebook fan page 8 months ago (April, 2010) and it now has 8500 fans. (Becoming a "fan" and "liking" a page seem to be synonomous. If you click on the "like" button you then will get news feeds from that page and you won't see the "like" button when you return to that page.) Here are some Facebook pages you can visit and "like".!/DalaiLama (The Dalai Lama; 1,417,496 people "like" this)!/pages/Nestor-Torres/111581978858793 (Nestor Torres; 721 people "like" this)!/ (Leo Casino; his page does not seem to have a "like" button) (Program in the Study of Spirituality; 313 people "like" this)!/group.php?gid=150386904984572 (Interfaith Engagement - created by Carl House; 32 members)

We need to get to where we fully understand what "like" and "fan" mean in Facebook.

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