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Most of the software we use will be "in the cloud" (meaning on the internet rather than installed in our computers). But there will still be considerable challenge to integrate our resources into a comprehensive and interactive database. Also, our use of "cloud" software will always require an "administrator" and often will require a "developer" or "consultant".

  1. performance criteria
    1. ease for adding new contact lists to our rapidly growing database
    2. ease for maintaining sublists (with least possible redundancy of data fields)
    3. ease for granting access permission with appropriate limits for data maintenance
    4. flexibility for adapting to new uses
    5. tracking activity and policy to manage well our program for outreach
  2. community possibilities
    1. ease with which we can find and integrate experts
    2. ease with which we can find and integrate technically skilled volunteers
  3. security criteria
    1. protection against misuse of our information or database
    2. backup security to prevent possible loss
    3. protection against dependance on rare talent or skill


• Home Page  • Whats New  • FAQ  • Site Map  • Web Links  • Networks  • Software • Forum  • Members 

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